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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

At their core, job websites act as both search engines and databases for open jobs.

Job sites can help candidates with any education and experience level find employment in any sector. Anyone actively looking for a job should strongly consider using a job website to find and apply to as many relevant opportunities as possible.

Most job sites are free for job seekers, but some require paid subscriptions. Additional services, such as resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization, can cost hundreds or more.

Although you can discover opportunities via word of mouth, social media platforms, or company websites, it’s never a bad idea to expand your search across as many channels as possible. You never know where your next opportunity will come from. Job sites centralize thousands of openings in one convenient place and can introduce you to positions and companies that you otherwise may not have heard about.

Job Search Services

One of the most common ways for job seekers to uncover employment opportunities is through job search sites. There are hundreds of online job boards out there, as well as apps, aggregators, social media channels, networking groups and recruiting company websites to choose from.

The good news is they provide plenty of listings. The bad news? You can easily be overwhelmed by the wide variety of options.

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